Let's Find the Root Cause

Let's Find the Root Cause

It's 2023 and we've finally began to see the importance of treating our hair care like our skin care.

As we get older, we are using the best of the best in skincare to tackle the ageing process. We get facials, we try new creams and we learn to stay away from makeup wipes (if you haven't yet, stay away from makeup wipes). But we forget about our hair. 

We go to salons and we wonder why our hair isn't growing as quickly, why it looks dull, why its got limp - SCALP CARE.

Scalp care is the answer to hair health and it's time to learn why it's so important.

The scalp has its own microbiome and any disruption to this can cause sensitivities leading to flakiness, blocked follicles etc. This in turn can cause limitations to hair growth and result in breakages.

Excess sebum (oil produced by scalp) is also something that can cause blockages which can lead to oily hair and create issues like dandruff or abrasions.

Understanding your scalp and the signs its giving are key to health hair. It's important to identify signs of irritation including itchiness, redness, flaking etc and find the root cause (excuse the pun) of the problem.

Much like skin care, there are 3 main steps in scalp care;

1. Cleanse - using a cleansing shampoo to clean the air and remove residue and product build up from the hair.

2. Exfoliation - Using a scrub designed for the scalp to remove oil, dirt and product build up. Leaving the scalp feeling fresh, nourished and purified.

3. Moisturise/Condition -  Identify the best conditioner for your hair/scalp to add moisture without clogging your pores.

Check out the Oribe Serene Scalp range for the best in Scalp Care 

It is important to understand what your hair needs, someone with dry scalp will require different treatment to someone with an oily scalp.

If you're unsure what your hair requires call into the salon for a free consultation and we'd be happy to help.

Happy Hair Care!

Love, The A Team x

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