Top Tips for Protecting your Hair in the Sun

Top Tips for Protecting your Hair in the Sun

Just when we were beginning to give up and pull out the pumpkin spice lattes, summer finally arrived!

The sun is shining, the pools are out and we're (hopefully) applying the SPF to look after our skin - BUT - lets not forget about our hair!

It's easy to forget about your hair care when your enjoying the sunshine so here are a few quick tips to help ensure your hair is protected.

1. Wear a hat

Simple really, this will help keep your scalp from burning in the sun and protect your hair form the UV rays & the heat. Damage to the hair or scalp due to the sun can result in hair loss and no-one wants that!


2. Protect your colour

This one can be a little more difficult but our best advice would be to ensure your using a good quality colour protecting shampoo when in the shower and try giving your hair a final rinse with cold water to close the hair cuticle and protect your colour for longer -  plus it adds a little extra shine!

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3. Avoid extra heat.


When the sun is shining your hair is taking on extra heat and UV day to day, so try to limit the exposure to additional heat from blowdrying or hot tools. When blowdrying, use a cooler setting on your dryer - this will also help keep your bowdry in place for longer.


4. Use Conditioning treatments.

Its no surprise that heat can dry our hair (all hair types) so during the summer its always a good idea to use a good conditioner and or conditioning treatment to help add moisture and shine into your hair. 

Leave in conditioning treatments are great during the day as these will help protect your hair in water also.

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5. Use Heat & UV protectant products

This is a step we should all be doing anyway but even more important in the sunshine. Heat protectant and UV Protectant products should be your best friend in the sunshine to help prevent any sun damage to your hair. 

Some Oribe products for different uses (volume/shine etc) also contain UV protection so double check when shopping!

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Enjoy the sunshine!

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